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Post Info TOPIC: Hi Im Melviinn Pattern ...( And this is part of my life Im going to tell you )

RE: Hi Im Melviinn Pattern ...( And this is part of my life Im going to tell you )

Hey Mel, good reading,keep up the good work.



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Every morning I get up around 7 am .

The first thing I do is get hold of todays news papers ,but dang the words are so big and hard to pronunce that I just look at the pics and give up reading it through .

Then yeah Ill feed my pets ,have a wash and eat breakfast .
By then my daughter Seira is on her way out to school and if Im lucky I will get a hug and a big kiss before she runs of to school .

I continue eating breakfast all alone with everyone off  to work ,man thats unfair leaving me alone at the breakfast table ,heheheheh
but everyone starts early and Im the only one that starts pretty late .

Then i make couple of calls ,check my gear for the programs I would use it for ,get my music ready if the request is limited .

Now mondays /wednesdays /saturdays I have recordings and just go to the
radio station do my time have fun with all the beautiful ladies ...( opps hope my wife doesnt read this )
Then on sundays I have live talk shows and I really enjoy it .

Tuesdays and fridays I go to schools and work as a teacher and yeah sometimes when Im not buzy with the radio programs Im at the Kindergartens playing and dancing with the Kids .

Lunch could be eaten anywhere if I pleased ,but most of the time I drive home to have lunch and yeah im always landing up with left overs from breakfast .

Then in the evenings around 5pm my English school opens up ,many japanese students come and learn English ,the teachers teach them English conversation and when a teacher is absent I just substitute the class .

On the whole my life is interesting because I meet so many people ,learn so many cultures and keep learning so much everyday .

Talking about my personality .....hehehehhehe
Its not that good /and it isnt that bad ....hehehehehe
Sometimes im in alot of stress ,because I have fans wanting me to play this tune ,play that tune and if I cant get the tunes they get annoyed ,but thats life and we just have to keep going on .( But finally I do give them some good tunes that i have always in store for a rainy day and they are happy ..( I dont shut them down or delete their request .)

I do swim alot and excercise regulary ,quess once your in the media world you got to keep in shape and look good always .i do play basketball and swim alot .
( the frieghtful swimming training we got from DGH some how made me a cool swimmer .) heheheheh

my food habits are good ,as most of my diet is made from Organic foods ,must thank my wife for that .I do eat at home regulary and try to stay away from restaurants ,but under certain circumstances I may just have a meal or  drink
coffee with my friends at a local restaurant .

i  have a bad habit of smoking ,but I dont drink .
Maybe just a beer if im at a party or Djing at a disco .

Im practically out of the house after breakfast and only get home for lunch .
After lunch Im out again and back home in the evenings .
During the whole day its either Radio work /teaching amtuer Radio djs /school and not forgetting my new Video Music Tv show .

Then before I go to bed ,i study japanese hoping to master Kanji ,but i end up sleeping on my books .So I hit bed around 11:30 sometimes 12 midnight .

Thats all for now

-- Edited by Melvinn Pattern at 00:22, 2008-08-28


Melvinn Alexcie Pattern.

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